On April 23rd, the Ku Klux Klan and white nationalists are holding a white power march on Stone Mountain. We are coordinating a mass gathering on Stone Mountain to shut down the march and disrupt further white supremacist efforts.


This mobilisation against white supremacy coalesced around a shared set of principles, which we intend to embody in our organising and on April 23. We strongly recommend you read them before attending the demonstration.

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History of Stone Mountain, GA

Stone mountain is a deeply historical location in the South. Long before its adoption as a monument to the confederacy it was of ceremonial importance to the Creek Nation. Since the beginning of the twentieth century it has become a focal point for white supremacist activity.

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There will be a convergence space in Atlanta from April 20th - 23rd. We encourage everyone to spend time there in the days leading up to the Stone Mountain action. There will be space to camp and food will be provided.

We will be hosting workshops, discussions and events to prepare for the action. If you have a presentation, discussion, performance, or anything else you'd like to contribute to the convergence space, you're welcome to!

Apart from events, the space is open all day for people to make banners and protest art, make plans, and just hang out and meet people. Making connections and learning from each other will make us stronger at Stone Mountain, and also help build a movement that goes beyond April 23rd.

Volunteers are needed to help staff the space. If you're available to help, please get in touch.


No Man's Land
880 Woodrow St Sw
Atlanta, GA 30310


Contribute Funds

Contribute to the legal fund, to ensure that we can support anyone who may get arrested while standing against the Klan.
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• Print and distribute these materials: Poster 1 | Poster 2 | Poster 3 | B/W Flyer | Color Flyer
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The following groups endorse the All Out ATL mobilization:

Atlanta Antifascist Notes
Atlanta Industrial Workers of the World
Atlanta Ultras
Black Matters
Black Rose North Georgia
Bombs Away Collective (Athens)
Charlotte Showing Up for Racial Justice (NC)
Feminist Outlawz
Food Not Bombs Atlanta
High Roller Records (AL)
International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund
Kentucky Workers League
Morgantown Ultra Left Collective (WV)
Music Maker Relief Foundation
Panhandle Progressive Coalition (FL)
Rose City Antifa (OR)
Savannah Comrades
Street Groomers (Atlanta)
White Rose Society (National)

Please get in contact if your organization agrees with our principles and would like to be added as an endorser.